It is a truth that iPhone 4S reveives most attention among this years’ devices. Although,Deep Analysis of Three Major Upgrades on iPhone 4S’s Camera Articles many upgrades on hardware are not satisfied by most of the Apple Fans, iPhone 4S’s camera is really satisfied me. On one hand, the brand new 800 million pixels back-illuminated CMOS camear is 60% higher than the previous iPhone 4, on the other hand, it is worth to talk about the series attempts of iPhone 4S on taking photogragh. Today, I will talk about the Three major upgrades of iPhone 4S’s camera.

How is the photo effect of iPhone 4S?

In 2011, 800 million pixels is not at the leading position. Apple upgrades iPhone 4S’s camera to 800 million pixels just as its always negligence to camera. Tough the hardware is not that outstanding, we can see that the previous iPhone 4’s photo effect is superior cell phone recycling to other mobile phones. So I am really excitting to see the iPhone 4S’s camera.

This time Apple gives iPhone 4S’s camera three major upgrades: 800 million pixels, 1080p full HD video and faster response speed.

Nowadays, people is more and more reasonable on camera’s pixels. People no longer think that the higher the pixel is, the better the camera is. That’s right. Under the same sensor technology, the high pixel sometimes brings users more noise and longer save time. At the same time, people now are using twitter and mobile phone’s screen is now 1280 * 720 most, too many pixel can not be seen on the screen.

From my pion of view, I think the 800 million pixel does mean something for iPhone 4S. Why? Because iOS is a kind of operating system that “depending on app”. On the publish conference, Tim Coke, the CEO of Apple, talks about iCould more than once which connecting iOS and Mac OS closely. On the big screen of iMac 27, people can enjoy every corner of the photo from iPhone 4S’s 800 million pixels camera. That is to say that app makes iPhone 4S having such high pixels.

Altough cellphone video share tech is not that common for people as cell phone’s photo share today, with the development of 3G and 4G, it will be a common thing for users to share videos from their mobile phones. From iPhone 4, iphone family support taking HD video (not the highest one), but its effect is acceptable, even better than some kind of DC.